Video: Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia agreed to put their fight purse on the line

Video: Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia agreed to put their fight purse on the line

Boxing fans were in for a surprise when Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia agreed to put their entire fight purse on the line. Both fighters have been vocal about wanting to make this fight a memorable one and this certainly adds another layer of excitement to the already highly anticipated bout.

The amount at stake is massive, with both fighters set to receive millions from the fight purse alone. This will be a huge incentive for both fighters who will look to put on an impressive performance in order to secure their winnings. It’s sure to be an exciting night for boxing fans who will be eagerly awaiting the outcome of this historic event.

“This fight means a lot to me. It means everything. It’s a moment that I’ve been envisioning
for so long now. It’s the only thing I’ve wanted for so long, to defeat Gervonta Davis and to
destroy him. To end everything that he’s ever worked for, because I know he’s trying to do
that for me. I’m going to take him out. He’s done. It’s nap time for Gervonta.

“I’m just going to be focused in the ring, no matter if it’s the first round, second round, third
round. Any of the rounds, he can go to sleep. He’s going to have to be careful. That’s what I
have to tell him. Be careful. I don’t think he is, and he’s going to walk into one. Or I’m just
going to go get him. Either way, I’m going to beat him.

“I’m excited for fight week and I’m going to be even more excited when I’m there. But right
now, my thoughts are just, ‘stay focused and do my best during the media workout.’ When I
get there, I’m going to love it. Everybody is going to be there. Everybody wanted this fight so
I’m expecting good energy and for everybody to be pumped up. Some people are going to
think he’s going to win, some people are going to think I’m going to win. I’m just going to win.

“Nobody really trains at these media workouts, so I just thought to make it as cool and as fun
as it can be. I know that I’m going to be training at 7 o’clock tonight, so I might as well make
a show out of this. Everybody is getting some good food, I’m going to treat the media well
and give them the best answers as I can, and that’s it. Make everybody happy.

“This is a huge fight for boxing. It can really change the trajectory of the sport and inspire
young fighters to get it on right now. People are going to love you. They’re going to see that
you went out there and you fought the best and you gave it your all. Even if you win or even
if you lose, you showed them what a champion is in life. You just get right back up and you
don’t let negative people that won’t even dare to do anything keep you down because you
know where you’re going in life.

To me, this is important to everybody that it takes courage
to go after something that nobody believed you could do. That’s why I’m standing here today.
To make everybody realize that if you’re in there and chase your dream like you’ve never
chased anything before, and you’ll see something special happen.
“This is a fight to show everybody that I’m great. I’m not daring to be great. I know I’m great.
I know when I step in the ring, he’s going to feel something he’s never felt before. I’m going