Tom Brady and Big Boi interact during Las Vegas Aces’ season opener

Tom Brady and Big Boi interact during Las Vegas Aces’ season opener

The Las Vegas Aces, the first team in the WNBA to repeat as champions in 21 years, stand as a testament to resilience and determination. They are not just a team but a dynasty in the making. If you don’t agree, you can’t deny the undeniable truth that they are well on their way to becoming one. The Aces’ home opener will soon allow them to pick up where they left off.

The Aces, without a doubt the most dominant team in recent years, have been a force to reckon with. Their back-to-back championship celebration a few months ago is a clear testament to their unrivaled dominance.

The stars were out at the game on Tuesday, which saw the Aces receive their rings and championship banner. Rapper Big Boi was there to perform and even talked to NFL legend Tom Brady.

“We miss you out here in fantasy football, man,” Big Boi said to Brady at the Las Vegas Aces home and season opener.

Afterward, Big Boi was asked about the performance he gave and how he felt about performing for the Aces.

“It felt good; we just want to see them win. Every time we perform for a team, they win, so we have to keep the streak going, man.”

Of course, Brady gave a speech as well. However, it was directed at the players who started the 2024 season off with a win over the Phoenix Mercury.

“The banner’s going to always be there, so you don’t have to try to defend that, just go and do what you’ve been doing and execute that,” A’Ja Wilson said as she revealed Brady’s pre-game speech. “I feel like that message in itself made the night for me because I feel we get so caught up in ‘Oh my God, we got to three-peat, we gotta do this.’ It’s like, that banner’s going to be up there forever. My ring’s going to be in my trophy case forever. Let me focus on getting better, and then that’s when everything else flows.”

If anyone knows how to get a team hyped up, it’s Brady, and it certainly worked well.

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