Raiders continue investing in the trenches

Raiders continue investing in the trenches

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Day two of the 2024 NFL Draft has now concluded, rounds 2-3 are a wrap and the Raiders continued to build the trenches. Raiders new general manager Tom Telesco said after day two in the presser “When I came here I wanted to build the team through the offensive and defensive line. (Raiders head coach) AP has the same vision.”

Raiders Draft Oregon Guard Jackson Powers-Johnson In The Second Round, Pick 44 Overall

WATCH: Raiders GM Tom Telesco NFL Draft Press Conference:

Tom Telesco on (Day 2) of the Las Vegas Raiders NFL Draft.

They’re absolutely fulfilling that said vision. They added to the offensive line on back to back picks, in round two they selected Oregon Guard Jackson Powers-Johnson with the 44th pick overall. This was a phenomenal pick. Jackson-Powers Johnson is a relentless bully in the trenches. He has elite strength and fast feet. He’s only 21-years-old and in his three years at Oregon, he played 1,275 snaps and allowed zero sacks.

He only allowed three pressures. He’s super versatile and athletic and can play any position on the interior offensive line. But the Raiders drafted him to primarily play Guard. He has a lot of potential to be great and reminds me of Former Raider Guard Richie Incognito. 

Raiders Draft Maryland Offensive Tackle Delmar Glaze In The Third Round, 77th Pick Overall

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Again, fulfilling that vision. However, this could be noted as a bit of a reach since Delmar “DJ” Glaze was projected to go in the fifth round. But the reason he was expected to get drafted so late is because he tore his ACL twice back in his high school days. However he’s been healthy ever since. He’s also only 21-years-old, and has a ton of upside and could be a gem. Either way, offensive tackle was a need for the Raiders. It was overall a solid pick and great for depth as well.

What’s next for the Raiders on Day 3 of the 2024 NFL Draft?

A lot of offensive help in the first three rounds for the Raiders, and mainly all in the trenches. I expect them to go heavy on the defensive side for the remainder of the draft, unless they have a quarterback in their sights that they think could be a gem late. Rounds 4-7 will definitely be interesting. The Raiders have set an aggressive tone for 2024 and beyond and have made it clear they are creating an identity, and that’s establishing a physical, bully-like identity. To win games in the trenches. As head coach Antonio Pierce said: “ill Intent, violence, physicality and pain.” 

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