“El Vaquero” retains in an exceptional performance against Valdez

“El Vaquero” retains in an exceptional performance against Valdez

       Emanuel Navarrete and Oscar Valdez were due to meet in what was billed as a possible fight of the year. What we got was a good fight, but a performance from Navarrete that places him firmly in the discussion as the top 130-pound fighter in the world. Navarrete (38-1 13kos) came out and did not let up from round one. Valdez (31-2 23kos) withstood an early assault from “El Vaquero” as he was caught by a few early combos. There was no feeling out process as both men came to bring it.

Mexican Icons were in attendance as Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales had been a part of the promotional festivities and Julio Cesar Chavez Sr was calling the fights at ringside.

Valdez who early on was behind on the cards adjusted in the middle of the fight and appeared to close the gap. His movement and boxing seemed to have Navarrete a second behind and give Valdez some confidence. The one thing that was creeping up was the right eye of Valdez as it was swelling up immensely as the fight went on.

There were questions as to of Navarrete would has the gas tank to proceed at a blistering pace. That question was answered as he threw 1,038 punches to Oscar’s 436. Navarrete also landed 176 power shots to 114 from Valdez.

       The championship rounds seemed as if they would determine the winner. Valdez was coming on and Navarrete had hurt his hand it seemed set for Valdez to take the fight. Navarrete did not give in as he began to let his right hand go and closed the show. With a barrage of left hands to the head and body and quick right crosses. He said later his hand was inflamed, but he was just going to deal with it. 

The scorecards read (116-112,118-110,119-109) all in favor of Navarrete. I had it (116-112) which appeared to be the consensus among many. It was a competitive fight, but one with a clear winner. Valdez with his eye swollen shut never wilted or gave in and Navarrete with his hurt hand never stopped throwing and earned the victory.

There is talk of a rematch and it would be worth watching. The injuries to Valdez should keep him out for a bit and as “El Vaquero” came out without a scratch maybe he can get another fight in within the next four months. Both men came to put on a show and delivered, but Navarrete showed something many didn’t know he had, as he outboxed Valdez in this fight. It wasn’t a brawl or shootout, but it was possibly the best performance from “El Vaquero.”