Berinchyk stuns Navarrete picks up WBO Title

Berinchyk stuns Navarrete picks up WBO Title

Denys Barinchyk celebrates his WBO title victory Photo by Top Rank

It was an extremely sloppy fight that certainly wasn’t for the boxing purist. Denys Berinchyk (19-0 9kos) picked up an upset victory over Emanuel Navarrete (38-2-1 32kos) for the vacant WBO lightweight title. The scores read (115-113,116-112,116-112) as Berinchyk won by split decision. The loss was the first for Navarrete since his sixth pro fight, but for Berinchyk it was on the same day as his countryman Oleksandr Usyk became the undisputed Heavyweight champion.

Berinchyk was the underdog, but many questioned why as he is a natural lightweight and has an Olympic pedigree. There were whispers that it may be too much for Navarrete to go up to his fourth division. The fight was sloppy and very wild as both were inaccurate but the better work according to the judges came from the Berinchyk. 

The victory puts Berinchyk in a good spot for the moment, but with many fighters looking at him for their title shot. Two undefeated fighters looking directly at him Keyshawn Davis and Raymond Muratalla wanting their shots. Navarrete will need to return to the drawing board and figure out the best weight for him because his constant trouble making weight got the best of him this time and it may linger unless he makes changes. 

Brian Norman Jr Celebrates his knockout Victory Photo by TopRank

Brian Norman Jr stuns the crowd knocking out Santillan.

Brian Norman (26-0 20kos) who had a subpar start to his Top Rank tenure made the most of his biggest opportunity. Norman took on hometown favorite Giovanni Santillan (32-1 17kos). In a fight that seemed poised for Santillan to become champion at home came crashing down in ten rounds. A fight that was a good back-and-forth early on saw Norman Jr take momentum later before rocking Santillan badly in the ninth. With the tenth round moving Norman Jr caught Santillan with a combination that sent him down, upon beating the count Santillan attempted to get back but was caught moments later by a left hand that sent him down hard and was immediately called off. Norman now will become the full champion once Crawford vacates and he has already called out Ryan Garcia, Mario Barrios, and Connor Benn. It was a great win for Norman Jr who has placed himself firmly in the 147-pound mountaintop.

Richard Torrez Jr lands a thunderous right hand photo by Top Rank

Torrez Jr continues to roll and stops Moore in 10

Richard Torrez Jr (10-0 10 kos) received the biggest test of his pro career and he passed with flying colors. Torrez Jr took on fellow undefeated fighter Brandon Moore (14-1 8kos). After some good back and forth Moore lost his 0. In the fourth round, Torrez Jr began to touch Moore, and the punches were having an effect, but in round five Torrez Jr finally got what he wanted. He rocked Moore and sent him down. Moore tried to stay up, but his legs just couldn’t stay up. Moore laid but got up and tried to fight back, but another barrage from Torrez Jr and the corner stopped the fight. 

Torrez Jr. now continues his undefeated run with this victory and he looks to stay active as he progresses along.

In other undercard action

Art Barrera Jr (5-0 4kos) vs Levy Garcia Benitez (3-2-1 2kos)

(40-35 3X) BARRERA JR

Jonathan Lopez (15-0 11kos) vs Edgar Ortega (14-3-2 7kos)

Lopez’s stoppage in round 8 (2 minutes 39 seconds)

Alan Garcia (13-0 10kos) vs Wilfredo Flores (10-3-1 5kos)

(80-72 3x) Alan Garcia

Emiliano Fernando Vargas (10-0 8kos) vs Angel Varela (10-3 7kos)

Six round stoppage for Vargas 

Johnny Mansour (1-0) vs Anel Dudo (3-6 1ko)

Mansour UD (40-36)