Las Vegas Based Pageant Announces First National Contest ‘Miss Fabulous America’

Las Vegas Based Pageant Announces First National Contest ‘Miss Fabulous America’

After Focusing on the Local Market, Miss Fabulous Pageants is
Opening Up To the Entire Country with Miss Fabulous America on December 4

Women-owned and run Miss Fabulous Pageants is changing the story around pageants with their pageant, Miss Fabulous America.

Miss Fabulous America strives to empower women to be fabulous inside and out. While the pageant does have a talent and opening portion like other pageants, what sets it apart is their focus on community and diversity.

“Thanks to Miss Fabulous America — women and girls of a range of ages have the opportunity to showcase their talents, their intelligence and their dreams in front of the people and brands who can help make those dreams a reality, while learning professional acumen and skills they’ll take with them into every career endeavor — long after the pageants are over,” says Kristine Stokes, co-creator and host of Miss Fabulous Pageants.
All participants in the Miss Fabulous America pageant have access to coaching leading up to the pageant where they will gain invaluable advice and training on how to prepare for the competition.

As part of their mission to champion diversity they have five categories for women of a range of ages:
● Miss Fabulous America Teen: 13-17
● Miss Fabulous America: 18-29
● Miss Fabulous America Elite: 30-45
● Miss Fabulous America Elegant: 46-55
● Miss Fabulous America Classic: 56+

Miss Fabulous America works to encourage women at any age that they can pursue their dreams and passions.

The inaugural Miss Fabulous America pageant will take place on December 4, 2022 at the Ahern Hotel in Las Vegas. Registration for participants and sponsorship opportunities close on November 25, 2022. Tickets are available now through eventbrite.

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Gabrielle Boyd

About Miss Fabulous Pageants
Miss Fabulous Pageants’ mission is to promote the discovery of self-love, courage, and confidence by “Finding Your Fabulous.” The Vegas-born, Miss Fabulous Beauty Pageant was founded by Ellen Stokes in 2016. Ellen’s vision for the pageant was to have a face affiliated to the historic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign, bringing light to the Fabulous people of Las Vegas.

Miss Fabulous Pageants view pageantry as a stepping stone for some to achieve their life goals. With the right tools and partnership, Ellen and her daughter, as a mother and daughter team, are taking the Miss Fabulous Pageants to the next level as it benefits women and men, young and adults. The pageant creates a community of people who are wanting to excel from their current situations in life and become a bridge to those who want to pursue their platforms.