Women who paved the way for the Kentucky Derby

Kentucky-Women had a hand with how successful the Kentucky Derby is today. In 1904, a woman by the name of Laska Durnell decided that she was going to do the unthinkable and have her horse race in the Kentucky Derby. She told her husband and trainer Charles Durnell that she wanted to have their horse Elwood there and he supported her decision. Her decision changed. Elwood won the Derby that year and Laska became the first woman to own and bred a winning horse.

After the borderline was stripped down with women competing in the Derby, by the mid-1990s, there were up to six women who owned horses, competing for pride, bragging rights, and a piece of Derby history.

Many women have smiled at the insults that were thrown at them about competing with the males; they took the risks of what life offered them and made it an American dream. They were not going to allow society to dictate what a woman can or can not do.

There has not been a woman trainer or jockey who has won the Kentucky Derby yet. Mary Hirsch, who was the first female trainer to race a horse, came up short. However, in 2013, Kathy Ritvo made some noise, as her horse Mucho Macho Man won the Breeders’ Cup. So underestimating women trained or ridden horses could cost the gamblers at the Kentucky Derby dearly. This is why it is important to keep up with Pick7.bet GG Tips to make sure you’re making the right bet with your money in future Kentucky Derbys.

Women in this sport have come a long way and helped pioneer what the Kentucky Derby is today and how it has changed over the years.



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