Why NFL Players are Hungry for Long-Term Contracts

NFL free agency is quickly approaching, players constantly are wanting long-term deals and guaranteed money within their contract. It’s simple to understand why the players want that, the risk of injury in football is so inflated with the amount of hits each player takes over a full season. Another thought, it only takes one hit to cause an injury or cost a player their career.

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Le’Veon Bell is one of the most complete running backs in todays NFL game. Although, he didn’t play an NFL snap all of last season due to the fact that Bell’s seeking a new contract. His holdout comes after the Pittsburg Steelers have used the franchise tag on him in back-to-back seasons. A running back’s shelf life is roughly a six to eight-year span and usually trends downhill once they reach the age of 30. Bell has expressed his frustration with the Steelers organization and has refused to play under the franchise tag. There was no settlement on a new contract, as Bell now looks for his new deal elsewhere. The Steelers have announced they will not use the franchise tag on him for the 2019 season. Bell is still likely looking for top dollar at the running back position even after sitting out a full season.


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Last offseason Alex Smith signed a long-term contract over four years, worth $94 million ($55 million guaranteed) to become the Washington Redskins quarterback of the foreseeable future. By doing so, it gave Smith some security by having his name tied to guaranteed money. Thankfully so, because last season Smith went down with a hideous injury to his ankle. The injury required surgery and would put Smith on the shelf for the remainder of the 2018 season. Smith then faced an infection from the surgery to repair his tibia and fibula. Smith’s career has now been put in jeopardy, as the doctors saved his leg from the brutal infection. There’s still no indication, if and when Smith may return. The Redskins have started planning 2019 without having Smith under center, whether that’s going after a quarterback via free agency or through the draft. Although, the Redskins have been optimistic about Smith’s leg and are hopeful for a full recovery.

Teams with the most cap space (2019):

(according to Spottrac.com)

  1. Indianapolis Colts- $107 million
  2. New York Jets- $102 million
  3. Buffalo Bills- $83 million
  4. Cleveland Browns- $78 million
  5. San Fransico 49ers- $76 million
  6. Houston Texans- $74 million
  7. Oakland Raiders- $69 million
  8. Seattle Seahwaks- $52 million
  9. Cincinatti Bengals- $51 million
  10. Baltimore Ravens- $50 million


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