Who’s next for Daniel Cormier

If you haven’t heard Brock Lesnar has informed Dana White that he is done fighting and retiring from MMA. I personally don’t believe Brock is actually retiring but, I do believe Daniel Cormier will be fighting Brock Lesnar at his time. That leaves us with one question who will it be, rumors are that the UFC is looking to set up a rematch between Cormier and Stipe Miocic. Which I do believe that Stipe does deserve a rematch but there have been talks of Daniel Cormier saying this will be his last fight and if true there are a couple of other fighters I think the UFC should be interested in.

Two fighters that come to mind are Francis Ngannou and Junior dos Santos.  After their last two fights being KO finishes there’s a lot of momentum behind the fighters and they are both ranked in the top 5 in the division which makes them excellent picks for a title shot. Now the fighter who I want Cormier to fight is Jon Jones. Even though they’ve fought twice already the last fight really doesn’t matter anymore after Jones tested positive for a steroid metabolite, with the end result on that fight being a no contest. Let’s be honest what time is better then now, this fight has already sold itself with the two taking shots at one another on social media any chance they get. The ultimate reason why this fight makes since is because these two are still the best in UFC today with Jones holding the championship at the light heavyweight division this will make for a huge super fight. For Cormier if he could beat Jon Jones what a way to go out of the sport, this mean that you left fighting a top fighter and you beat your rival. In conclusion it’s very disappointing that we won’t be getting Lesnar vs Cormier but it’s not the end of the world. With the heavyweight division having plenty of options for Daniel Cormier the decision is in the hands of the UFC.

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