Which Aces will be Restricted Free Agents this offseason?

Mike Dixon

WNBA free agency is officially open for business and, if you missed it, here are some of the Las Vegas Aces’ players that were on the 2018 roster at the end of the season.

F Dearica Hamby, and G Lindsay Allen, are among the eligible players to be re-signed by the team before February 1, 2019.

According to the WNBA: “Teams can begin to negotiate with their own Core and Reserved Players and any Restricted and Unrestricted Free Agents on January 15. As of February 1, teams and players can finalize deals and sign contracts and offer sheets.”

Las Vegas Aces’ President of Basketball Operations and Head Coach Bill Laimbeer will make F, Hamby his number one priority to re-sign her on the first day of WNBA free agency.

Dearica Hamby (RFA)

Lindsay Allen (RP)

See below for the complete list of players.

RESERVED PLAYERS – Players with three or fewer years of service are considered to be Reserved Players. The player’s prior team has exclusive negotiating rights.

Lindsay Allen (LVA)
Anna Cruz (MIN)
Blake Dietrick (ATL)
Cayla George (DAL)
Linnae Harper (CHI)
Astou Ndour (CHI)
Sonja Petrovic (PHX)
Nayo Raincock-Ekunwe (NYL)
Angel Robinson (PHX)
Mercedes Russell (SEA)
Karlie Samuelson (LAS)
Asia Taylor (IND)
Kayla Thornton (DAL)
Marianna Tolo (LAS)
Yvonne Turner (PHX)
Marta Xargay (PHX)
Cecilia Zandalasini (MIN)


RESTRICTED FREE AGENTS – Players with four or five years of service are considered to be Restricted Free Agents. Restricted free agency gives the player’s prior team the right to keep the player by matching a contract offer the player signs with another team (Right of First Refusal). If the player signs a contract offer with another team, the player’s prior team has four days from the date it receives the offer to determine whether it wishes to match. If the offer is matched, the player will remain with her team. If the offer is not matched within the four-day period, the player will be under contract with the offering team.

Natalie Achonwa (IND)
Rebecca Allen (NYL)
Brittany Boyd (NYL)
Natasha Cloud (WAS)
Damiris Dantas (ATL)
Jamierra Faulkner (CHI)
Chelsea Gray (LAS)
Dearica Hamby (LVA)
Cheyenne Parker (CHI)
Odyssey Sims (LAS)
Erica Wheeler (IND)
Amanda Zahui B (NYL)

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