Where Will The Raiders Play in 2019?

Nicholas Cothrel

The Raiders will head to Las Vegas to jump-start the swing of things in the Sin City come 2020. Although, they have no answer on where they will be playing their home games in 2019. Their lease is up after this season at the Oakland Coliseum, which leaves them without a home.

The Raiders had put an offer, for $7.5 million in order to rent the Oakland Coliseum for another season before the move. Despite the offer, the city of Oakland filled a lawsuit on Tuesday December,11th against the Raiders for an illegal move to Las Vegas.

With the city of Oakland filing a lawsuit over the move to Las Vegas it minimizes the chances the Raiders remain in Oakland for 2019. Mark Davis has said many times throughout the relocation process “We won’t play in Oakland if the city sues during the moving process.” Davis was asked on Tuesday if the lawsuit would be the deciding factor to leave Oakland, Davis said, “I have no comment on that at this time.”

Oakland city attorney Barbra J. Parker released a statement, “The Oakland City Council authorized, filing the lawsuit to recover damages resulting from the Raiders illegal move to Las Vegas, including lost revenue, money that Oakland taxpayers invested in the Raiders and other cost.”

Cities that have been noted as a temporary 2019 home are San Diego, Reno or Santa Clara. If Santa Clara is the one year destination spot, they would play at Levi Stadium and share the facilities with the 49ers.

Head coach Jon Gruden addressed the media on Wednesday December, 12th. Gruden was asked, Where would you like to play home games next year?

“It’s always something everyday here, isn’t it? I want to play in Oakland. I’m real sensitive like you would expect. It’s where I want to play. We’ll see what happens.”

Quarterback Derek Carr was asked, How do you approach not knowing where you will be playing games next season?

“It’s kind of like when you are leaving college. You don’t know where you are going to be. Good thing is you have experience, you know what team you are going to be on. You know who your coach is going to be, and you know the system already. Just where you are going to play your home games, that’s just weird and it’s nothing anyone wants to go through. There is no book on how to do this. I’ll figure it out the best way I can, day by day.”

With speculation in the air, whether the Raiders play in Oakland next season or find a new home temporarily while the Las Vegas stadium is being built. The Raiders next home game on Monday, December, 24th, could be the final home game in Oakland.

Carr was asked about the speculation of, it being his last home game in Oakland?

“That is crazy and to me that seems weird. It just seems different to even have to think that way because I’ve spent five years playing in this stadium. We’ve had people talking trash about it or whatever they want, but I love it. It’s ours. It’s been fun and the fact that it could be the last is crazy, but when that time comes, we will enjoy it.”

(Photo: Sporting News/ Arthur Weinstein)

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