What the ‘Carson Wentz contract’ means for Dak Prescott and Jared Goff

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Recently the Philadelphia Eagles and Carson Wentz came to an agreement on a four-year $128 million dollar contract with $107 million in guaranteed money. For some this may have come by surprise, because Wentz is just entering his fourth season with the Eagles. Rookie contracts are all four-years with the capability of a fifth when teams take upon the ‘fifth year option’, but it’s apparent that the Eagles are all aboard the ‘Wentz train’.

Wentz’s contract makes him the highest paid player per year with an average of $32 million per season. His contract completely sets the new standard of the market for quarterbacks, and there are two players approaching new deals who might just benefit from Wentz’s new deal.

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Dak Prescott is another quarterback who has a contract on the verge of expiring. Prescott is a former fourth-round pick out of Mississippi State, who has exceeded the value of his current contract. His ability and leadership from the start of his rookie season in Dallas was very obvious, and that was a major contribution to what led him to the starting job in 2016.

Prescott went on to win the 2016 offensive rookie of the year, and led the Cowboys to a playoff run. His immediate success in the league put him on the radar of opposing teams across the NFL, but Prescott hasn’t been able to repeat his incredible rookie season since.

In 2017 he faced massive struggles, and missed out on a playoff berth. In 2018 he got off to another slow start, but finally managed to put the struggles behind him as the season went along. Starting from week 10 to week 17, he and the Cowboys went on a streak of winning five straight games and taking seven of the last eight victorious.

Prescott provides impeccable leadership skills, but does lack certain qualities in some areas. He really struggles throwing the deep ball, and in today’s NFL that’s one of the main qualities you want in a quarterback. When trialing late in games it really becomes apparent that he lacks the ability to connect with receivers down the field. He’s also leaned extremely heavy on his talented running back, Ezekiel Elliot to take the load off of his shoulders instead of slinging the ball all over the field.

Prescott now enters his final year under contract, and is currently seeking a new deal from the Cowboys. He’s started every game for the Dallas over the last three seasons, but does appear to be limited as a quarterback sitting back in the pocket.

Although, with Carson Wentz receiving a mega deal from Philadelphia, Prescott looks to be a big winner on this deal. The Wentz contract has completely raised the market for paying quarterbacks, and Prescott will likely see a pay increase due to the market value that is currently set. According to Spotrac, Prescott’s market value is slotted to be five-years $147.2 million ($29.4 million per year).

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Jared Goff is another intriguing-young quarterback who is out performing his rookie contract. The Wentz contract definitely will help Goff plead his case for a new deal. Goff and Wentz have been somewhat linked together with one another since the two were drafted. They both went No.1 and No.2 in the 2016 draft, with Wentz going one spot behind Goff.

Goff’s career started a bit more shaky than how Wentz’s rookie campaign took place. At one point in time, Goff was highly regarded by many across the league as a bust after his rookie season turned into a disaster. Although, once the Rams parted ways with head coach Jeff Fisher, and brought aboard Sean McVay, the image of Goff changed dramatically.

Since formulating the duo of McVay and Goff, the Rams offense hasn’t missed a beat. Now, Goff’s regarded as a quality quarterback in the league, and a leader of one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL.

Goff is effective throwing the ball down field, but once Todd Gurley was sidelined with an injury in the later part of last season, it showed that he missed his all-pro running back. Without the dangerous running threat the Gurley possesses, Goff’s play action throws didn’t appear to have the same effect as they did with Gurley in the game.

Gurley’s injury still remains unclear, but this season will be a large indicator on what kind of quarterback Goff can be without a top running back lining up behind him. It will also be a large factor, on what kind of contract the Rams decide to give him.

With that said, Goff’s contract expires after the 2020 season, and will likely have a big price point attached with it. According to Spotrac, Goff’s market value is set at six-years $184.1 million ($30.6 million per year).

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