Seattle, WA- In the biggest fight of his life against Raymond Serrano on November 17, Jaron Ennis is pretty excited about fighting a different opponent than what he is used to, as well as fighting in his hometown of Philadelphia.

Ennis comes into this fight with a record of 21-0 with 19 knockouts and a chip on his shoulder. “When you’re a boxer from Philly, it means you have to put on a show,” says Ennis. “I love fighting at home, that’s the best feeling ever. People let the crowd get to them, I just feel at home. I feel comfortable and relaxed. I get to show out on SHOWTIME in Philly, get a win and look good doing it,” said Ennis.

“My goal is to be world champ and be a great example for the kids. I want to unify, get all the belts, move up in weight and keep going, and keep going. Watch out all 147’s. A young animal is on the way!”

In his debut in July, Ennis shocked the world knocking out Armando Alvarez in the third round. After that fight, he has been on a killing spree. He has knocked out 11 consecutive opponents and now has a chance to make his name stand out, but he will have a challenge fighting Serrano. Serrano has this patience about himself. He does not swing viciously. He is very careful with letting any opponents get close to him. He will set his opponent’s up with a jab and a left or right hook to open them up and once that person is open, he will start to throw a combination of power shots at you.


Ennis has proven that he can take some hits, but his Achilles heel is his guard. At times he gets caught with a right hook or a blind jab because his guard is not close enough. He throws a lot of unorthodox punches that opponents could counter. However, his power punches to the body have cripple opponents, as well as left them on the pavement.

It will be interesting to see how Ennis will try to figure out a much more balanced fighter than what he is accustomed to.

These young fighters have everything to prove and it should be a great fight to watch.