Weekly Lights Report – Lights Brace For Energy Failure At Cashman

Derrick Clarke
Matt Thomas – Lights FC

Let’s start off with the upsetting Lights news going into Saturday’s game against Oklahoma City Energy:

Dejan Jakovic is no longer with us… Los Angeles Football Club recalled him Thursday to fill the massive hole left in their backfield due to National play and the Gold Cup. I hope this is his shot for a starting role in MLS, because he is a scary skilled defender with limitless potential, he will be missed.

The man who scored the first goal in Club history and Vegas native Matt Thomas signed with Saint Louis FC. Matt counts himself in short company as one of the only few who weathered the Wynalda purge at the end of last season. Brett Lashbrook, Lights FC Owner & C.E.O. a man usually never short of words, plainly stated “He will always be welcomed back to Cashman Field.” Personally, I believe that Matty has been a massive asset from the beginning and I hope that he finds his stride at STLFC. Once a Light, always a Light!

Matt Thomas – Lights FC

Things I’m looking for in this game:

Irvin “El Rey” Parra needs to go full Super Saiyan at kickoff and decimate Oklahoma’s defense all night long. With Christian Hernandez and Junior Sandoval attacking on the wings, as they have every game this year, Lights Announcer, Jeff Radcliffe should start prepping to say Parra’s name, A LOT Saturday.

Irvin “El Rey” Parra – Mateo Velazquez @llamadude15

The Fresh Prince Of Cameroon, Preston Tabort Etaka, needs to continue to push the advantage as he has done in Parra’s absence. This man is too good not to be a on Par-ra with #11. Pressing forward with two dedicated strikers (Much like the PHX FC setup) is a smart play when you have the leg strength and capability that the Lights do.

The back four defenders need to continue with the aggressive yet calculated style of play that Jakovic inspired. They need to stay focused on the present and allow any mistakes to remain history. Javan Torre and, more importantly, Gabe Robinson need to step up in Jakovic’s absence and shut down attacks before they begin.

Tommy “The Mayor of Cashman” Olsen needs to continue exactly what he has been doing. He narrowly missed securing USL’s #1 Goal Save for his finger tip block against El Paso this past week and is on track to be the USL Goal Keeper of the first half of the season. The Mayor needs to continue to encourage his defenders to be aggressive and take chances to make chances. Oklahoma City FC are known to be anxious when attempting to create opportunities and the Lights can use this to their advantage by collapsing anything that begins to develop.

Tommy “The Mayor” Olsen – Lights FC


Bottom Line this game goes to the boys in Neon: 4 – 1.