Weekly Lights Report – Can The Lights Ride the Party Wave to Victory in Orange County

Derrick Clarke

The highly awaited rematch between the Las Vegas Lights Football Club (7-9-6) and Orange County Soccer Club (6-8-9) is set to take place this Saturday in Orange County.  This will be the third time these two United Soccer League playoff hopefuls will be meeting.  The first match was a preseason blowout 5-1 by the Lights at home.  The second match took place directly after both OCSC and LVFC were beaten by the same team in the US Open Cup.  Orange County Football Club, the National Premier Soccer League stand out in the US Open Cup, took down OCSC 5-3 in penalty kicks in the second round of the Cup.  The following week, LVFC was overwhelmed by the Orange County underdogs, 5-3 in the third round of the cup.  OCFC would later go on to be beaten by the Los Angeles Galaxy in the fourth round of the Open Cup.

This week provided a two-piece boxed prize from Los Angeles Football Club to the Lights community.  The first is a new spectacular attacking forward in the form of Rodolfo Zelaya, the El Salvadorian National Team standout.  Zelaya brings a dynamic front playing ability which should revitalize the Lights attacking ability.  The second gift from LAFC comes in the form of a man who Lights fans thought was gone forever, but like the second coming, Dejan Jakovic has returned!  A collective sigh of relief was heard from both fans and the Lights’ defense as the Canadian National Team standout stepped back on Cashman Field this week.  

Lights Defender Jakovic and Jack Whitefoot (@Whitefoot44)

For Las Vegas this is a must-win game if they plan on making the playoffs.  A strong and constant attack from Lights players Irvin Parra and Preston “Fresh Prince” Tabort Etaka will be essential to gaining these three points on the road.