Video: Sulem Urbina Interview with The Sportsnista and Ramblin’ Ralph

Mike Dixon

On October 30th, Fantasy Springs Resort & Casino in Indio is hosting a boxing match between female boxers Marlen Esparza and Sulem Urbina in an eight-round WBC flyweight title eliminator bout. The winner will have a shot at the world title.

Sulem joined The Sportsnista and Ramblin Ralph on The Levels Show powered by Vegas Sports Daily, ahead of her fight this Friday.

“I left to become a national champion for Mexico without being able to come back. My family was here and I wasn’t able to come back, and I came back with a sport’s visa because I was an elite athlete. I’m currently a resident.”

It’s hard boxing. It’s even harder boxing when you don’t have the documents to be able to do it. It’s something that, you know, you have to have a lot of conviction, a lot of strength morally to keep on going, and I feel blessed to be here at this stage. I came here undocumented. Many doors were closed for me. I couldn’t fight in the United States. I had to leave. I came back and now I’m fighting on DAZN. I’m with one of the biggest promoters out there, Golden Boy. I feel blessed. Who would’ve thought this immigrant little girl would be on such a big stage, you know, fighting for a world title eliminator.


It’s gonna be a great fight. Marlen Esparza’s trynna bounce back from that loss that she had last November. I’m wanting to stay undefeated and continue onto my next step to becoming world champion. So, it’s definitely going to be a fight when we’re both coming in at our best. I know that I’m the better fighter. I’m stronger, I’ve adjusted better to the pros, and I’m there to win. People can expect an exciting fight for however long it lasts. I’m there to win.


I think she’s gonna do a lot of little amateur moves that she does like she did for her last fight. She would catch Seneisa with a little quick one-two-three and then shuffle around, smiling like she did something. It’s not the point system. You have to hurt somebody. I hope she comes at me and we can give the fans a great show.


Ever since I was a kid, when I first started boxing at 11-years-old that’s what I always wanted to do- be a professional boxer.