Video: Raiders Fan Makes Cringeworthy new Vegas Raiders Anthem

Mike Dixon

(Courtesy of JediRich’s via YouTube)

Fandom for an NFL team is a strange type of relationship, and it can make otherwise normal people do the craziest of things. Some paint their faces, while others stock up on their team’s gear.

Some fans put their fandom to music.

While some attempts can fire up a fanbase (see Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow”), others find their efforts fall flat.

For example: JediRich’s song is the absolute worst fan song ever, but we gave them an A (for effort), because they’re are campaigning for Tom Brady to relocate to Vegas. However, Mike Mayock is fully capable of bringing in top talent. (Have a seat) Also, Jon Gruden is committed to Derek Carr leading the team.

The Miami Dolphins are fortunate enough to have Miami based artist Solo D to make bangers weekly. In fact, the Raiders should trade for Solo D this offseason.

Raider fans react to JediRich’s new Raiders Anthem.

Some want to get physical:

The Las Vegas jokes are coming in:

Never heard of her: