Video: Raiders’ Alec Ingold on teaming up with JA Inspire, giving back to Las Vegas, favorite play of 2020

Mike Dixon

Las Vegas Raiders FB Alec Ingold and Junior Achievement President Michelle Jackson stopped by Vegas Sports Daily and The Black Hole Unleashed to speak about the JA Inspire Virtual Event that benefits 8-12th grade students.

Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada (, in coordination with Clark County School District has partnered with Las Vegas Raiders fullback, Alec Ingold, to host JA Inspire. The virtual and interactive career exploration program will be held on May 4th, 2021, it was announced today. JA Inspire will play to host over 5,000 8-12th grade students introducing them to high growth/demand career pathways. These pathways include automotive, aviation, construction, finance, government, health, hospitality, marine, technology, and many more.

“Building a talent pipeline across industries is a common problem faced by our community,” said Michelle Jackson, President & CEO of Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada. “This is an opportunity for all of us to work together to inspire and excite our young people about jobs available right here in Southern Nevada. JA Inspire gives students the ability to connect with employers who will answer questions about their industries, career paths, job responsibilities, and business culture.”

Alec Ingold has a passion for financial literacy and his community. Reaching the youth and providing a platform for them to obtain a level of understanding what it takes to manage finances for their future is an avenue that he sees as a way of giving back. He believes that financial literacy is the key to reducing the wage gap in America. Every kid should have the opportunity to learn how money works and build strong financial habits at an early age.

“This Junior Achievement Inspire partnership is a great platform to try and help kids realize the importance of making smart decisions for their future today.” said Alec Ingold. “I’m hoping this Inspire event helps some kids realize that even if you get your dream job of working in the NFL, you still have to be smart with how you view money and take ownership of your financial future.”

The program will feature more than 50 exhibitors that have the flexibility to make their booths creative with videos, pamphlets, flyers, photos, and career stories using the JA virtual platform. Students will be given the choice to add information to their “swag bag” and can re-visit the booths for up to 90 days after the live event.

When students sign into the virtual platform, they will enter a virtual lobby along with other student avatars. They can maneuver to an information center, an auditorium with webinars, and visit virtual halls. Directories will be provided to explore virtual halls and stop at exhibitor booths. Throughout the day, there will be games such as a scavenger hunt to keep interest and engagement.

For exhibitors and partners, this is an opportunity to inspire today’s students by sharing great things about your industry/business, financially contribute to JA programs through a sponsorship, and market your company to students, educators, parents, and other businesses.




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