Vegas Esports Weekly: COVID-19 hits esports championships

Thomas Viola
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A week ago, the esports world was treated to one of the most thrilling contests competitive gaming has ever seen, as CDL Major V saw astounding upsets and incredible comebacks. Fans were returning to venues, and the excitement for major events was palpable. A week later, and it appears that we have flown too close to the sun, as this week a wave of cancellations is crashing down to ruin our fun

Esports Bad News: League Championship Series Final Moved

About a month ago, Riot Games announced that the finals of the LCS Summer Split would be held at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ and that fans would be allowed to attend for the first time since the rise of COVID-19. Unfortunately, due to the recent surge in COVID-19 cases stemming from the Delta Variant, Riot has decided to change course. In a statement released on Twitter, LCS Commissioner Chris Greeley announced that Riot has decided to move the event online, as a safety precaution for fans and players. The announcement is an unfortunate but sensible one, as some states have even re-instituted mask mandates in an effort to combat the spike in cases. 

Call of Duty League Championship Move Rumored

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League of Legends isn’t the only esports game whose championship match is on the horizon, and it appears it will not be the only one to move either. While no official announcement has been made yet, reports indicate that multiple CDL players have tested positive for COVID-19 within the last week. Esports Talk host Jake Lucky tweeted that an “alleged CoD burner account” is indicating that the final will be moved to online play. CDL Major V was the first CoD major to be held in front of a live audience this season, and the crowd’s positive effect on events was palpable. It would be a shame to lose that for the championship, but things currently appear to be headed in that direction. 

Twitch Alters Banning Procedure  

Finally, some good news! After roughly 10 years as a platform for video game streamers, Twitch announced in a statement Monday that they will now inform suspended streamers of the name and date of the video containing a rules violation that resulted in suspension. The move is a huge one, as many streamers have been left wondering what caused their accounts to be taken down with no explanation offered up from the company, as well as no way to correct their mistake. 

Previously, Twitch would simply inform streamers that they had violated the platform’s terms and conditions, without offering any sort of clarity as to what those violations actually were. The new policy is not perfect – it is still frustratingly vague, and still does not inform streamers exactly what their offense was. However, at least giving them a date and video is much-needed progress. 

Dr. Disrespect to Form Game Studio  

Speaking of esports streamers who are banned from Twitch, infamous streamer Dr. Disrespect made waves today with the announcement that he is looking for talent for the formation of a new game studio. Dr. Disrespect revealed this in a tweet calling for applications for roles including “Studio Head” and “Co-Founder.” The studio is clearly in its infancy, but it signals the start of what could be a major move into indie games development for one of gaming’s most notorious content creators. 

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