Do The Vega: Dolphins Play with a Porpoise

Brett Vega
Miami Dolphins

Each week our own Brett Vega takes his sarcastic – and sometimes controversial – look around the NFL.


The fish are playing with porpoise! Get it? Moving on…how about your first place Miami Cutlers! That’s only because Hurricane Irma didn’t allow them to lose in week 1. So with three, one-win teams the Pats are in third. Don’t expect that to continue. The Dolphins are going to have ups and downs and finish just out of the playoffs. The Bills offensive line injuries are not good and at the time I’m writing this, I have no info on how long Cordy Glenn’s ankle is going to keep him out. However, they have 9-10 winnable games left on the schedule. The Pats are just fine as we all thought they would be. The offensive line and defensive line issues aren’t going anywhere though and that will cost them a few more games this year including the playoffs. Not the Super Bowl favorites anymore. Neither are the Jets. I almost forgot to mention they exist, I apologize.


Marvin Lewis

Is Marvin Lewis finally out in Cincy?

The Steelers have the look of a contender. Putting up points on two really good defenses. They still haven’t played a real offense yet though and that will be the real test. The Chiefs, Pats, and Packers are the only elite offensive units this defense will see all year and that could hurt them in the playoffs. The two games between the Ravens and Steelers will decide the division winner ,most likely. I’m taking that Ravens D even without Yanda over any unit in the league to get it done. The Bengals are this close to getting rid of Dalton and Lewis. Then they can start winning some football games. The Browns are going through growing pains. Losing your top wideout doesn’t help. With a kid as young as DeShon Kizer, it should force him to go through his progressions instead of throwing it up to Coleman as a safety valve. Still see them being in and winning a lot of games they shouldn’t.


THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE! (Channel the late, great Dennis Green) Yeah, Jacksonville still sucks. Tennessee is in trouble when they play teams that can score. Same as last week. The Colts are still terrible. Same as last week. And Houston is still the best team in this division. Same as last week.


Denver is legit. Anderson is back with a vengeance and Siemian is doing a great job. That defense is scary good. Watch out for these guys. The Chiefs looked mediocre until Wentz had a bad

Las Vegas Raiders Report

Vega: Raiders odd-man-out come playoff time

turnover that changed the flow of the game. Yep, still Andy Reid and Alex Smith. First or second round playoff exit incoming. The Chargers shockingly lost another game in the last seconds. And the Raiders struggled in the first half against a Jets team I could score a touchdown on. There might not be enough room in the playoffs for 3 teams from this division and if it continues like this Oakland is the odd man out.


How Bout Them Cowboys?? Again, growing pains. Elliot showed he’s a crybaby when things get tough. And Dak showed he fights like rabid pitbull when things get tough. They still aren’t going to win many games this year but, the foundation is built for a superbowl run in the next 2-4 years. The Giants have regressed to the point of illegitimacy. The Washington Indians showed they will win the games they should win and lose the games they should lose. And the Eagles took it to the RPI favorite to win the superbowl for 3 quarters until their young QB had a bad turnover. Still the best team top to bottom in this division.


Rodgers just can’t beat Dan Quinn. R.E.L.A.X….. they might not lose another game until they play the Ravens and Steelers back to back. That isn’t for seven weeks. The Lions beat another bad team.

Detroit Lions

Lions schedule will kill them and they’ll miss playoffs.

YAY!!!! They have Atlanta, @Minnesota, Carolina, @New Orleans, Pittsburgh, @Green Bay on deck. Good luck with that. The Vikings have no chance without Bradford. Which is sad to say because he’s not that good. But that defense is Super Bowl caliber. DA BEARS. No one knows Glennon like his old team. I guess four years on a team kinda lets them figure out your bad tendencies. I think the week 1 bears are closer to the real bears then what we saw this week.


WHO DAT? Tom Brady putting up 36. And the defense is hot garbage that’s about to have gas poured on it and be lit on fire. Sorry Brees, you deserve better. The Falcons will win this division going away because they don’t play anyone and their competition is laughable. The Panthers looked sloppy again and Cam looked bad. They lose that game if Cordy Glenn plays. Tampa Bay looked pretty good. Not amazing but competitive. Let’s see what happens when they play a real NFL team and QB that wasn’t on their roster the last four years.


The Seahawks offensive line is really bad. The defense is not. Still the division winner. The Cards are old and just not good. Anywhere. The 49er’s are at least looking like they believe. 0-3 doesn’t look good but when you start with Carolina, Seattle, and L.A.R. as your first three defenses to play against in a rebuild year and can still see effort on offense in the 4th quarter you have something to build on. The Rams are gonna be competitive this year because that defense is back to form. Gurley is not that good. Goff is mediocre at best. I would say 6-7 wins is the ceiling.