Underdog Deontay Wilder Opens +200 in Fury Trilogy with Mayweather Offer to Train

Bryson "Boom" Paul

LAS VEGAS- Officially set for July 18 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. The former Heavyweight champion Deontay “Bronze Bomber” Wilder (41-1) activates his contractual rematch clause against the new World Heavyweight champion Tyson “Gypsy King” Fury (30-0) in a third fight. A -125 favorite in the last fight, the revenge-set Wilder, 34, will enter the trilogy an underdog.

Last Friday, in a Shaka Zulu-inspired Instagram video, Wilder declared war against the undefeated Fury.  In the 1:40 clip below, he addresses fans, friends, and family with a promising message of his immediate return and claims he will be champ again. As noted by Ghost Insights, the announcement of the third fight arrived Monday afternoon to an opening bet of a +260 underdog Wilder and a -200 favorite Fury. Wilder, a favorite in the previous two-fight lead-ups, steps into the third matchup with widespread speculations and scrutiny from both fans and fellow boxers alike.


Before his loss, Wilder had serious aspirations to dethrone Floyd “Money” Mayweather‘s record book undefeated streak, currently 51-0. Calling the feat easily breakable, in 2018 Wilder told the press, “I’m just walking into the door. A lot of people think I rely on my power. I don’t have to rely on something that’s naturally there. They’ll definitely be broken. They’re not goals I’m seeking. They’ll look nice on my resume.”

After Wilder’s loss, Mayweather, 43, quickly rallied behind his brethren with an encouraging Instagram post, saying, “Win, Lose or Draw…. Deontay is our brother that has accomplished many triumphs and as a community, we should all uplift and support him throughout it all. No matter what, you’re still a winner in my eyes, King!”

Receiving word of the trilogy during his UK tour, Mayweather offered to train Wilder for the third fight, as he said: “If I train him. If I train him I can teach him how to win.”

Wilder has yet to comment on the remark at press time.

Mayweather isn’t only legend to offer up coaching to Wilder. On Twitter, hall-of-fame two-time heavyweight champion George Foreman suggests a month of old-school training with him supported by a vintage photo of the boxing legend carrying a huge tree trunk. See the tweet below.

Since the announcement, experts have diagnosed Wilder with a “puncher’s chance” after Fury’s overwhelming knockout performance in the sequel.  Shown in the first two fights, Fury is the more technical and crafty fighter; however, Wilder’s power remains the most feared in the sport which Fury experienced in two explosive knockdowns during their first encounter.

Deontay blamed his loss on effects ring entrance wardrobe choice. A 40lbs BHM-inspired Cosmo and Donato, Wilder told The Athletic’s Lance Pugmire: “A lot of people saw I wasn’t the same Deontay Wilder in there and they’re correct. It’s my own fault. My uniform I wore was very heavy for me. I had no legs from the first round on. My main focus was to survive with my legs, and not on the principles I know and normally think of. I couldn’t follow up with the game plan because of my legs. I couldn’t do anything.”

Per Ring Magazine, Wilder’s defeat descended him to #4 in the Heavyweight division with Fury claiming the champion title.  By the numbers, Fury/Wilder 2 was the biggest draw in 2020 boxing yet in approximately 850,000 PPV buys. Last fight purse guaranteed both fighters $5 million dollars-plus a percentage of the Pay-Per-View profits which is estimated at an additional $25 million.

Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder III Saturday, Jul.18 at MGM Grand. Watch on Pay-Per-View.