Trouble for the Browns


Cleveland- With all the additional pieces that were added to the Browns’ puzzle to compete for a playoff position this season, the organization is debating about keeping Duke Johnson.

There have been rumors that Johnson was indeed on the trade block and Johnson and his agent are trying to figure out the solution to the problem. Johnson requested to be traded, but as of right now the Browns and Johnson have not agreed to anything and Johnson is starting to get anxious.

“At the end of the day I understand the nature of the business,” Johnson said. “I understand his job, John Dorsey’s job is to do what’s best for the team and organization.”And again, if that’s getting rid of me for the bigger piece and a better piece, then I’m OK with it. Like I said before, my trade request was to meet them at a middle ground. I was put on the trade block a month before I requested a trade, so that’s all it is.”

Johnson is a versatile back that does it all but has seen his playing time limit over the few years that he has been with Cleveland. He is a great blocker and has great hands catching the ball in the backfield. What the Browns are looking at is the inconsistency that he has shown. They want to see more out of him.

Browns’ head coach Freddie Kitchens stated previously that Johnson will have a role within the organization. He just wants him to voice his opinion more. “Duke has to be able to voice what he feels,” Kitchens said. “As long as it doesn’t affect our team, whatever he wants to say he says.”

“Like I’ve said this numerous times, no disrespect to you guys, but the media creating something more than, it was just a comment. He wants to be traded, you know. I want to win the lottery. Alright, so, it doesn’t matter. He’s a Cleveland Brown. He’s under contract. He’s going to be used to the best of his ability and what benefits the team. And that’s what we’re going with. As far as the media-driven controversies, there’s no controversy on our team and that’s the only ones that matter.”

Johnson received an extension last season and have three years left on the contract. Things could get messy in a couple of weeks if the Browns do not find a solution.