Trouble for Jason Pierre Paul

Tampa Bay- Jason Pierre Pauls’ career could alter this season if he does not find out what is going on with a neck injury that he suffered during a car accident.

Buccaneer’s general manager Jason Licht issued the following statement: “As we stated last week following the news of Jason’s auto accident, our immediate concern was for both Jason and his passenger. While Jason was treated and released in south Florida the same day of the accident, we wanted to ensure that our medical team had an opportunity to perform a thorough evaluation here in Tampa, and that process is currently ongoing.”

There is no news yet if he has taken any legal precautions after the accident or whose fault it was. He may want to contact legal representation such as Valiente Mott for guidance during this time, but as stated before, it is not known which road he has taken or what the current status is of who is to blame. Hopefully, that will all become clear as time goes on and Jason gets the help he needs on all sides, legal and physical.

Jason is getting a second and third opinion about his neck injury and apparently, some of the medical staff for the NFL fears that he has a fractured vertebra, which would require him to have surgery and likely be out for the entire season.

Jason means a lot to the organization and they are making sure that he takes the necessary steps with his injury.

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