Tiger Woods wins in Augusta

Augusta, GA- On Sunday morning a lot of people could feel something magical was going to happen; that being, Eldrick “Tiger” Woods was tied for second place and within striking distance of actually winning the 83rd Masters.

Woods’ performance on the decisive Sunday afternoon was nothing short of dominant. In fact, Tiger’s 3rd Round was near perfect, as he clearly outshot both Dustin Johnson and Xander Schauffele on the green, during a three-way tie in the early stages of the day. Woods would eventually catch, and then overtake Francesco Milinari on the leaderboard, eventually taking a two-stroke lead on the 15th hole, from which he never looked back.

After it was said and done, Tiger had won the 2019 edition of the Masters, trailing only the immortal Jack Nicklaus as a five-time winner of golf’s most coveted major. Considering that it was his first win at a major since 2008, it was clearly an emotional day for many, as fans across the world seemed to really embrace the feeling of once again seeing Woods break his own personal streak of futility of having not won a major in what comparatively must have seemed like an eternity by his own lofty standards.

Jack Nicklaus applauded Tiger’s victory in a statement. “A big ‘well done’ from me to @TigerWoods! I am so happy for him and for the game of golf. This is just fantastic!!! ??” Jack Nicklaus wrote on Twitter.

I’m a little hoarse from yelling,” Woods said afterward. “… When I tapped the putt in, I don’t know what I did; I know I screamed. To have my kids there, it’s come full circle. My dad was there in ‘97 when he won for the first time and now I’m the dad.”

Woods is the second oldest golfer (43) to win at Augusta, with the Golden Bear being the only other golfer to win the Masters at a more3 advanced age, having accomplished the feat at age 46. Despite all of the ups and downs that Woods went through in an eleven-year span, today Woods can let all the emotions out, as he is the 2019 Masters Champion.

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