Tiger Woods is on the outside looking in the 2020 Ryder Cup Standings

Vegas-Tiger Woods is in the hunt to compete during the 2020 Ryder Cup, but he has a ways to go. Woods is currently in 10th place in the standings and hopes that he could compete in the Cup.

Even though the PGA season is just starting, Woods struggled in the Players’ Cup last week. He did not hit the ball extremely well and finished 30th. However, he was optimistic about the week and moving forward with playing in Augusta.

“I’m excited the way I drove it. I drove the ball well this week. I drove it not quite as long on the weekend with a little bit cooler temperatures, but I was driving it pretty straight and I was able to shape the golf ball both ways with all three of my woods, which was good to see,” said Woods.”It’s right on track,”. I feel like I’m able to start. I’m able to shape the golf ball both ways, which I’m going to need there. Just need a few more putts to go in, but that’s about it.”

Woods looks to be healthier this year. He has been focused on making more adjustments to his swings. They are a little tighter than what they were last year. If he can build some momentum in Augusta and carry that through the season, Woods could be back in the Ryder Cup and make some noise if he can finish in the top 10 of some of these tournaments. Right now, it is too early in the season to make the assumption that Woods will or will not make the Ryder Cup.

Woods is keeping his focus on Augusta and is very optimistic about playing in Georgia this year. “I’m hoping that I can play all the matches,” Woods said. “That would be great, I’m guaranteed to play three instead of when I played it was only one guaranteed, so that’s kind of nice knowing that I’ll be able to get at least three good rounds in, possibly more if I play well.”


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