Tiger Woods chasing a victory in Augusta

Augusta, GA- Tiger Woods is bringing the heat in the 83 Masters and is tied for second place going into the final round on Sunday.

However Sunday there is a chance of a huge storm brewing, so the PGA officials decided to tell all players that they have to get up a little bit earlier and this is what Woods had to say about that. “The reward for playing hard and doing all the things correctly (is) you get a nice little sleep in come Sunday, but that’s not going to be the case,” Woods said. “We’ve got to get up early and get after it.”

The leader right now is Francesco Molinari and he is dominating the green with a 6-under 66 and looks to stay ahead of Woods. “I thought maybe I played slightly better yesterday, but today, mentally was very good,” Molinari said. “Made two big putts on 4 and 5 to save pars, and then kind of got going from there. Played the back nine probably as good as I’ve ever played over here, so really pleased about that. And then obviously a good save on 18. So nice to keep another clean scorecard.”

Woods have inspired so many people including second place Tony Finau who always imagined playing against Woods in a tournament. “As a kid, I always wanted to compete against him,” Finau said of Woods. “I’ve dreamed of playing in the final round of a major championship with him.”

Woods have a chance with getting back into the winners’ circle but he will have some obstacles in front of him with an upcoming storm and a very slick green field. The pressure is building for an exciting finale but Woods is not worried about the pressure.

“I always feel pressure,” Woods said. “The day I don’t feel pressure is the day I quit. I always feel that if you care about something, obviously you’re going to feel pressure. I’ve always felt it, from the first time I remember every playing a golf tournament to now. That hasn’t changed.”


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