Tia Swafford: Progression equals success

Los Angeles-Tia Swafford, who plays basketball for the Chicago Vikings for the Global Mixed Gender Basketball league has inspired players, young athletes, and women with sticking to their goals during adversity.

Tia had to stay true to herself, have faith that the process will be worth it, and showed strength during life-changing events in her life. After a couple of failed with making it to the WNBA, Tia worked on her craft while working other jobs to support herself and it has paid off. “It has been a blessing that I get an opportunity to play basketball for the Global Mixed Gender Basketball League. God is good and I am thankful that he has given me the strength to continue doing something that I love to do. I am very grateful for the support that I receive daily from people who look up to me as a role model or inspiration.”

Value, integrity, passion, and just a drive puts Tia in the driver seat of making her goals happen each and everyday and she is willing to sacrifice now in order to get to her future. “I feel like it is steps that we all have to go through in life to achieve goals or accomplishments. You have to be exceptional, as well as be who you are. There are so many people trying to put on a perception that they forgot who they really were. Each day you have a chance to impact the world by improving your craft, your mindset, and making sure you are living your best life in a positive way. I wake up each and every day with a hunger of passion.”

Tia is just one opportunity away from making her dreams pro, but she is very optimistic about what Global Mixed Gender Basketball has in store for her. “Man, I am pretty excited about the opportunity with this new league. It was a blessing in disguise. I was talking to James Scott, who is the CEO of Global Mixed Gender Basketball and we mutually agreed that this partnership would work. I like what he was bringing to the table and saw the vision of this organization. Before I agreed to be playing in this league, I went back to my number one source, who always gave me clarification on what to do and that was God. My spirit felt like this opportunity was good for me and I just went for it.”

Despite Tia’s up and downs in life, her message is pretty simple with dealing with adversity;”Life is what you make it. Dream big and never let anyone dictate your success or your story.”

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