Three Takeaways from Dallas Wings loss to Mystics 

Allen Pettigrew
opening night

The Dallas Wings fell to the Washington Mystics 86-62 on Sunday. The 24 points loss is their worse to do and leaves them 0-3 on the road. Glory Johnson’s team-high 15 points and 9 rebounds were the sole highlights for the Wings. As their streak at the bottom of the pile continues there are several things that stand out from game 4.

Arike Ogunbowale Injury

Just six minutes into the Wings game against the Mystics Ogunbowale injured her ankle. Later diagnosed with a sprained ankle, she wouldn’t return to the game as she hopped off the court on one foot. There’s been no update if she will play Thursday in the Wings’ second home game. Being stranded in the DC airport doesn’t help future diagnoses either.

The Wings star rookie is averaging 18.5 minutes a game and will leave a hole in Coach Agler’s rotation. The 9.7 points and 11 shots she takes a game are a heavy part of Dallas offense, players like Johnson and Allisha Gray will pick up the offensive slack. Time will tell how long this injury sidelines Ogunbowale and how severe the sprain is.

Another starting lineup change

Four games into the season there’s been three starting lineup changes for a very green team. With a deep and talented bench, Agler continues to shift the team in search for the best for this puzzle.

Glory Johnson is the only player to start all four games, Isabelle Harrison has three under her belt, and three others will approach game 5 with two starts to their name. Agler seems to look for the perfect combination of athleticism and offensive playmaking giving Theresa Plaisance the nod in game 3 and going back to Harrison on Sunday.

But with an ever-growing sample of what these individuals can do as a team, the Wings starting five should be more concrete.

The only team without a win

Now sitting at 0-4 the season the Dallas Wings not only have the longest current losing streak in the league with 5 losses but are building an uncomfortable cushion.

Statistically, Dallas has underperformed in every measurable team metric. They rank 12th in the league in scoring with 66.3 points per game a -12 differential from what their opponents average. They’re bottom two in defensive and offensive rating at 89.9 and 105.5 respectively.

They’ve looked stagnant on offense and lost on defense at the start of each of their games. They’re the slowest paced team in the league and it shows. On multiple possessions against the Mystics, four to five players stood around the perimeter looking for the play to commence as the shot clock wound down.

Agler’s system took the LA Sparks several games before it bore fruit. If history repeats itself the Wings misfortune will turn around once the team’s comfort grows.