Three car chiefs ejected after failed inspection in Atlanta

Atlanta-Three car chiefs were ejected after failed inspections on Saturday and Sunday before the big race at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

“Last month NASCAR introduced a system where race-winning teams found in violation of the rule book post-race would be disqualified. Additionally, post-race inspection is done at the track following the event, with penalties — if any — handed out then instead of following a mid-week teardown at the NASCAR R&D Center in Concord, North Carolina,” said a NASCAR spokesman.

The three car chiefs that were ejected were Brandon Lee, Mike Chance, and Shane Callis.

Lee and Chance could not get their cars together to race. The No. 36 Front Row Motorsports Ford of driver Matt Tifft and No. 52 Rick Ware Racing Chevrolet of driver BJ McLeod failed inspection multiple times Friday prior to three rounds. While Callis and his team failed inspection early Sunday.

With the new rules that NASCAR has put in, crew chiefs can be ejected after two failed inspections instead of the previous three.


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