Theresa Plaisance the Dallas Wings X-factor

Allen Pettigrew
Theresa Plaisance

Theresa Plaisance has been a level-headed contributor to the Dallas Wings all season. While not averaging eye popping numbers, she continues to play well in wins. With Glory Johnson playing overseas in the EuroBasket, Plaisance is the only longest-tenured, active veteran on a young Dallas team.

At 6’5” she’s not only big enough to stand toe to toe with the league’s best post players but she can stretch the floor with her shooting. Plaisance has the calm you want in a vet and her actions on the floor support that. Usually, one of the first players to congratulate a player for an and-1 or the first to help a teammate off the floor Plaisance often settles the team.

You can see it in post-game interviews. Her laid back demeanor is harnessed by the slight smile she wears. There’s not much inflection in her voice but the calming tones soothe those around her.

She may not be the most vocal after games, but her demeanor says a lot. Whether the game results in a win or a loss she’s ready for the next game while acknowledging what they need to do to improve on.

She improves her team without shifting the team’s goal post. She doesn’t need to be the focal point of the offense, but they feel her identity throughout their best games.

Plaisance, now fully recovered from her ACL injury and doesn’t seem to be hampered by the injury. In fact, she corralled her first double-double in the Wings second win of the season. She’d grab 12 rebounds all coming while the Mercury’s elite lineup of bigs were on the floor.

In the Wings’ first win of the season, she stuffed the stat sheet. Bursting from the seams with activity she grabbed six rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals, 2 blocks to go along with 9 points.

In their most recent game, her career-high 5 assists glued her teammates together. In a game where her team was red hot, she was a part of their success. When asked about the career mark she replied “I like to make the best play of the shots for me and if I can get my teammate, open that’s even better. And my teammates did a really great job of knocking down those shots tonight so that has nothing to do with me and everything to do with them.”

The praise Plaisance gives her teammates is an extraordinary moral boost. And she laces each one of her standout performances with at least one three-point bomb. She’s the vet that Dallas needs as the injury bug roosts. If her deep shooting and cool demeanor can persist, she’ll be the X-factor Dallas can turn to as the season continues.