The Last Word on Brown and the Raiders

Kelly Kriner
jon gruden antonio brown oakland raiders
Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown, right, holds his jersey beside coach Jon Gruden during an NFL football news conference, Wednesday, March 13, 2019, in Alameda, Calif. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

Yes, Raider Nation has moved on from the debacle that was Antonio Brown’s time as an Oakland Raider. Yet, did the Raiders learn anything from it? Or did we learn much more by how the situation was handled?

As you may have noticed, I was not on Sunday’s CBS Sports Radio 1140 show due to the mysterious day job.  It was a bad show for me to miss because I could have gone on a multi-segment tirade on the Antonio Brown situation and Jon Gruden’s part in it.

My thoughts on the situation may not be what most people think they should be. I will keep this as short as I can and it will be my last thought on the subject because I for one am tired of hearing about it.

Add in last night’s news Brown is now being sued by his former trainer for sexual assault, talking about this guy gives him more time in the limelight than anyone deserves.

Jon Gruden was willing to overlook so much, Brown had to hire social media consultants to get cut. 

When rumblings of the Raiders interest in Brown started to pop up, I was not on board with trading for him. I didn’t want to see the Raiders trade draft capital in a “win now” move with so many holes on this roster. With multiple first-round picks in the next two drafts, it was the perfect situation for a slow rebuild where the second year in Las Vegas was the contending year.

It’s obvious Jon Gruden wasn’t looking for a slow rebuild.

When the Raiders decided to spend big in free agency and make the trade for Brown a 3rd and a 5th-round pick, seemed like a good deal. I said on multiple occasions that at the price is worth a roll of the dice to get the best receiver in football.  I also said, on multiple occasions, “when you date crazy you have to deal with crazy.” The Raiders rolled the dice and crapped out. 

It’s a total loss and now you just move on to the next roll. My problem isn’t with the fact Brown is no longer a Raider, it’s the fact he was allowed to be a Raider for so long.

Gruden and Mayock can say how much character means to them but the actions of Gruden prove otherwise. The frostbite fiasco with his feet and helmet issue don’t mean anything to me. Missing the walkthrough, posting the letter about his fines on Instagram, and then the blow-up with Mayock should have led to a suspension. Instead, Gruden just had Brown give an apology that Ryan Leaf and Happy Gilmore thought was phoned in. 

Next comes that now-infamous Friday night YouTube video with the taped phone call. I don’t know which would be worse in my opinion: Gruden not knowing he was being taped and then, after the video comes out, saying he thought it was awesome, or agreeing to be taped and having that used in a video. A video where Brown asserts he is the victim of all victims as a result of his childish actions.

Gruden’s actions and inability to hold Brown accountable shows talent will always be more important than anything else. 

People will bring up the fact that they released Brown. Yes, they did – after Brown made it clear he was never going to play as a Raider. Jon Gruden was willing to overlook so much, Antonio Brown had to hire social media consultants to get cut. 

This whole debacle is what others expect from the Raiders. Let’s be honest – some Raider fans also expect this from the Raiders. We will continue to hear about character and building this team a certain way.

But, like the blind man once said: I’ll believe it when I see it.