The Lakers are putting their season to rest

Los Angeles– With a disappointing season this year, the Los Angeles Lakers have decided to be optimistic about next season and start to shut down some their starters.

Lakers’ head coach Luke Walton wants other players to step up and try to get some wins to finish out the season.“I want to see us continue to grind out and start winning games again. Look, when things are going easy it’s fun for everybody, you’re winning games, but where you really show what you’re made of and where you really get growth is when times are tough.

“Times are really tough right now. So I want to see our group fight out of this. I want to see our group continue to work hard, continue to compete and start winning some games.”

The Lakers are 30-36 and struggled to find their offensive identity the entire season. With crucial injuries to LeBron James, Lonzo Ball, and Kyle Kuzma hurt the Lakers. They could not find their rhythm and had problems with stopping defenders. Right now, the Lakers are ranked 20th overall and allowed opponents to score in the paint around 50% of the time.

Frustration has settled in with the players, management, as well as the coaching staff, but Walton has always been a positive magnet that wants the best for his players. When LeBron James wanted to play for the rest of the season, Walton decided that he will monitor his minutes and do what is best for the team. “Just make sure we keep him healthy to finish the season. He’s still got a little bit lingering from the (groin) injury, there’s always compensation, and with the number of miles he’s put on those tires, anything we can do to keep him as fresh as possible, we’re going to try to do that,” said Walton.

Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball are done for the rest of the season. What will that mean for the organization moving forward? The Lakers are still searching for chemistry, as well as trying to figure out who will stay and who will go. As for now, the  Lakers are sitting key players or minimizing the minutes that each player will play.

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