The Fourth Annual City Summit and Gala By Founder Ryan Long

Los Angeles– During Academy Awards week Ryan Long, who is the founder of The Fourth Annual City Summit honored Colin Farrell, Bella Thorne, and other charitable organizations.

“This year’s Summit and Gala brought together a diverse array of experts, entrepreneurs, humanitarians, and celebrities all with the goal of promoting community and entrepreneurship. It was our best turnout yet and we are already working on 2020,” said Ryan Long, Founder of City Summit and Gala.
The event’s moderators were motivational speakers, Lynn Rose, and Dr. Greg Reid. The speakers included Colin Farrell, Les Brown, Mario Lopez, Kevin Harrington, Jeff Hoffman, and many more. Each of these individuals had some wonderful words for the individuals who attended the gala event about taking risks and making dreams happen. There was a lot of jokes being told, laughter, and an abundance of how to be successful throughout the entire room. Hopefully, these tyes of galas continue on for people to go to as they have a rich atmosphere of helping and supporting those who need it. Perhaps they can look on for next years motivational speaker lineup to see how they can project their positivity on those who are in need.
“Each year it gives me great joy to be an integral part of bringing the City Summit and Gala to fruition. The talent and business experts we attract each year excites me because I know we are raising awareness for our community and empowering the next generation,” said DaleGodboldo, Founder of International Arts & Philanthropy Foundation, City Gala’s fiscal receive.

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