The Bucs have hired two female coaches

Tampa- The Tampa Bay Buccanneers are breaking a lot of stereotypes as well as shattering the glass ceiling of the NFL. As of Wedsenday, the Bucs hired two full-time women, who will coach throughout the season. With the hiring of the two women, the Bucs became the first NFL team to have two women coaches in the league. The team added Maral Javadifaras as assistant strength and conditioning coach and Lori Locust as an assistant defensive line coach.

“I know how hard it can be to get that first opportunity to coach at the highest level of professional football,” said Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians. “Sometimes, all you need is the right organization to offer up the opportunity. The Glazer family and our general manager, Jason Licht, were extremely supportive of my decision, and I know Maral and Lori will be great additions to my coaching staff.”

Arians kept his word with shaking up the organization and hiring full-time coaches that are women. Little by little, the glass ceiling is starting to fall and opportunities for women are starting to increase. With the emergence of women in the coaching department, hopefully, this will steer other organizations with giving more women opportunities and shatter the stereotype that women do not belong in the arena of coaching


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