Terence Crawford makes a statement stops Porter in 10

Terence Crawford

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Terence Crawford (38-0, 29 kos) has long been considered by many as one of the best fighters in the world. Since moving up to welterweight he hasn’t faced a fighter who many would claim to be a top welterweight, but he consistently beat his opponents how he should. He took on consensus top 5 welterweight Shawn Porter (31-4-1 17 kos) and most agreed this was the fight that would either validate Crawford or make the non-believers validate themselves. At the end of this fight, Crawford shut his naysayers up as he stopped Porter in the 10th round following two knockdowns.

Early going Early on as the typical Crawford fights go, he came out methodical and got his rhythm and timing down. Porter came out firing, but in a more controlled manner and he was giving Crawford problems. The movements from Porter were good as he showed his athleticism and would land some good shots. Crawford did his typical moves and switched to the southpaw stance and showed his ability to work with the elite fighter. In round three a head butt opened a cut over Porter’s right eye as is a common occurrence with an orthodox and southpaw fighter for the heads to clash. Both fighters showed more patience as they knew what they were up against.

Middle tide turns As round six hit I had Porter up 3-2 in the first five as he was giving issues to Crawford. Another headbutt caused another cut, but this time over Crawford. The action began to pick up as both felt their timing was getting right and Porter began to land an overhand right that would land but didn’t seem to bother Crawford. Crawford throughout was landing thudding body shots that eventually looked as if they were now bothering Porter ever so slightly as the movement was slowing down, but as always Porter never stopped the movement and punches kept firing. Even with Crawford seeming to get his momentum he stayed on course and patient and in the moment came that he longed for.

Terence Crawford makes statement in latest win

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Statement made Round 10 will be talked about for a litany of reasons. Crawford landed a quick counter uppercut as Porter rushed in that sent Porter to his backside. Porter did not appear to be hurt but was dropped. With the knockdown, many wondered would Crawford end the show. He came out and tested Porter but wasn’t reckless as he knew to be calm. As Porter came out firing again Crawford landed a right hand to the temple who had a delayed knockdown.

Porter punched the ground in his frustration and as the count got to eight Porter’s father/trainer stepped up on the apron and stopped the fight to the surprise of many. Porter said he wanted to continue, but his father said the decision was because of Porter’s lack of preparation and what he was seeing. No matter the outcome and how you feel about the stoppage Crawford did what no other fighter could.

In the biggest moment of his career with the questions and debate about his talent, Terence Crawford captured the moment with a beautiful counter uppercut and right cross. Porter had been down in rounds before, but never just a minute apart he took shots from the biggest punchers in the welterweight division and jumped up or walked through them. This night on the second knockdown the punches to the canvas in frustration proved and validated Crawford he is that good. Crawford wanted this moment, and he broke through it and now the question is will Errol Spence be the one on the other side of the ring next time Crawford steps in?