Super Bowl Reactions

Atlanta-There have been a lot of reactions during Super Bowl 53 from celebrities, as well as fans. During the NFL experience, many voices were heard. “I feel like the Patriots will have the upper hand. They have loads of talent on both sides of the ball and c’mon now it is the Patriots. The Patriots have a great running back in Sony Michel. He is a downhill runner that is talented with power and skill. Sony can now be that player that is reliable and take the pressure off Brady,” said Michael Thomas.

The Rams for once are the underdogs, but the Rams’ players have confidence in what Wade Phillips will do to the Patriots. “The key to our success is Wade Phillips. He is a genius at what he does and it would be interesting to see what plays he will dial up for us to win this the game.”

Even though there have been mixed reactions with the Patriots being in Atlanta, the Patriots are the favored to win the game by at least 10 points. “Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T and this game will be decided by maybe 14 points. I do not think the Rams have enough firepower to stop Brady in the second half. He has that competitive spirit that is unstoppable. I feel like he is the best to ever do it, Richie White.”

However, some fans felt like the Rams had the upper hand. The run defense for the Rams is very nice. They have put pressure on a lot of QB’s and Brady is a pocket passer. When you put pressure on him, he does not know what to do in general and gets flustered. The key to victory is Donald and Sue. They are just very skilled at what they do and they attack you on every down. It is hard to stop one of these two great players and to have both on the team is crazy. I personally feel like Brady will get flustered and make some bad decisions that will hurt the Patriots, said a Rams’ fan.

We are only two days away from another rematch and the excitement in Atlanta is electrifying. Fans can not wait, as well as both teams. The stage is set and we are looking for another great Super Bowl.



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