Super Bowl Prop Bets Raider Nation Wants to Jump On

Kelly Kriner
super bowl prop bets raiders

With Super Bowl Sunday just around the corner, even casual bettors get caught up in the madness that is prop betting. Whether it’s betting on the team to score first, to how many interceptions Jared Goff may throw, the ability to bet on wacky props is the focus of Kelly Kriner‘s post.

On Sunday people all over the planet will be huddled around their TV for “the big game.” Some for the football but mostly for the prop bets which they hope will mean it will rain down cash and make them the king of their Super Bowl party. Not that I would ever condone betting, but here are the props I’m putting some Republic credits on.

Coin Toss: Tails

If you don’t bet the coin toss, do you even gamble bro?

super bowl prop bet raiders

You’re insane and a hack if you don’t bet the coin toss each year at the Super Bowl.

Will the Score Be Tied after 0-0?: Yes (-110)

I’m expecting a close game so this bet is a must. Ties during the duration of the game are more common that you’d think.

Will a Team Have 3 Unanswered Scores:  No (+175)

I bet this every year and I lose this every year. I can’t get away from this bet.

Patriots Don’t Score a TD in 1st Quarter:  (-110)

New England has played in eight Super Bowls under Bill Belichick and has just three first-quarter points combined.

Super Bowl Prop bets raiders

Bank on the Pats not scoring a TD in the first quarter. They never have.

Longest Play From Scrimmage:  Rams (-110)

There’s no doubt the Rams have the more explosive offense. This one is a no-brainer.

James Develin Rush+Rec Yards: Over .5 (-120)

You know Bill will give him at least one shot…right?

And now we get to the Sony Michel portion of the story. I’m admittedly a huge Sony fan and like how he is used in the offense. I also love his TV’s.

Sony Michel MVP: 16/1

Great value for someone I think will shoulder the rushing load.

The next 3 are all correlated to Sony catching just one pass. He isn’t featured in the passing game but we only need one catch to cash in this ticket.

Receptions: ov .5 (+145)
Longest reception: ov .5 (-110)
Receiving yds: ov .5 (-110)

As with every degenerate, I will bet several more props by game time but these are some I wanted to share early in Super Bowl week. We’ll talk more about these on the CBS Sports Radio Show on Sunday. Happy hunting Raider Nation.