Spencer Paysinger: The All American who overcame adversity


VEGAS (November 19, 2018) — Retired NFL player Spencer Paysinger has defined all of the obstacles that life gave him and provided cards that have helped others out in the long run.

Paysinger was an undrafted free agent in 2011, but his cards flipped over once the New York Giants gave him a chance. He provided a spark for the Giants and became a Super Bowl Champion. He survived all the obstacles in life, like surviving South Central, Los Angelos and became a role model for other individuals. “Being a kid in South Central I had to overcome the influence within the community. I had to put myself out there and take a risk to come to New York to try out with the Giants. ”

“When people say that I am an inspiration, as well as my story I go back and forth with it because yes I am a retired football player and I love helping others in this sport, but I want to help others that are doing different things in their life. I know a lot of players that are now doctors, lawyers, and have done different things outside of football.”

After Paysinger’s NFL career was finished, he decided to get into script writing and now the CW had picked up his show called All Americans. “Well, I just kind of fell into writing. I just thought about it as a hobby and showed the script to one of my friends. Ironically, one of his friends was in the film industry and gave my script to a producer and from there it just blew up.”

Paysinger took many risks in life to accomplish his dream and has inspired a nation. “All I can say is just take the risks, whether you will succeed or not, you will learn a lesson in life.”

Paysinger has accomplished a lot, but his biggest accomplishment has been a family man.”I have a daughter now and it has been a blessing for my wife and I. I understand that I work a lot, but my family understands that because I communicate with her.”

Inspiration comes in many ways and it takes guts, drive, and ambition to accomplish something so big.

The All American comes on the CW network on  Wednesdays at 9 pm EST