SEMA 2019: Spike Chen challenges Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

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“I want to race The Rock one-on-one in his best car.” -Spike Chen

Spike Chen loved day one at the 2019 SEMA Show with his crew and fans  at Las Vegas Convention Center. Chen told Vegas Sports Daily that he would love to challenge Dwayne Johnson to a one-on-one race.

“What it does for me when fans come up and take their time to come and say hello? I’m just a common man, right? There’s nothing special about me. I’m just somebody who loves to do this, and just so happens that I’m fortunate enough to have the experience to entertain all these people.”

Chen said, “I really enjoy the fan interaction, because I enjoy that authentic connection. You know, that’s what’s really real because me driving, frankly, it’s just another day behind the wheel. It’s just me having a good time. And it’s the cherry on top. And the Apex of my day is just talking to people having a conversation with them. And then more importantly, just just letting them know like, Hey, I appreciate everybody’s time to come out, everybody who takes their time to take a photo with me, it means so much to me because they don’t have to be out here.”

“You know, they don’t have to come say hello. So I really enjoy that fan interaction. And yes, it just makes me happy.”

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