Russell Wilson and Ciara start production company

Seattle, WA– Russell Wilson and his wife Ciara has decided to start a production company that will focus on Film, TV, and digital content.

The name of the Production Company is called Why Not You Productions. The production company will give individuals an opportunity to follow their creative side and follow their dreams. “While we work in different fields in our day-to-day, we are excited to come together to collaborate and create stories that we hope will touch people’s lives,” they said in a joint statement. “We are both storytellers at heart and we want to be able to share stories that uplift people and inspire others to create positive change. That’s ultimately what we want this company to represent.”

Russell and Ciara have expanded their brand outside of their professions. Both of the Wilsons are Co-Owners for a new MLB team out in Portland, started a foundation called Why Not You Foundation, and now are making a great investment with starting their own production company.

“When people look at me, I hope they don’t just see a football player,” Russell Wilson previously told The Hollywood Reporter. “I hope they see a person who is innovative and creative, someone who builds something from nothing. We want to be able to impact lives. That’s what we want to do at the end of the day — even from the kid’s space. We just want to tell stories that connect with the world and to the emotions.”

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