Rockay uses plastic to make running attire for athletes

Seattle, WA- Rockay decided to spice things up when the company decided to launch their first products, which were socks, shoes, and clothing attire. The company came up with the idea because most of their employees are avid runners and some of the employees asked why they couldn’t find comfortable socks or clothes to fill comfortable in. Outside of being comfortable, the company wanted to help out the world and utilize the resources that they could find. They took plastic from the ocean and started making their unique brand.

“To make the best running products in the world, we based our production on field testing—meaning we, as everyday runners, test out the products extensively with the help of our Rockay athletes. We never launch a product we would not consider wearing ourselves! We found that our product was well-received and loved by everyone who tested it! Our aim is to have 100% traceability on the origins of the ocean plastic we used in every item produced. With this accountability, we strive to keep the promise of producing products in the most eco-friendly way without compromising on the quality you would expect from a world-class brand,” said CEO of Rockay, Daniel Chabert.

Rockay is testing out an odorless system called the Polygiene system. The Polygiene system breaks down bacteria with a unique coding process to ensure that there are no smells. This would give individuals a chance to let their clothes dry on a hanger instead of washing them.”Many brands such as Adidas and Patagonia uses the Polygiene system and it has worked for them. We pay attention to our competitors and see how we can compete. We like to make sure that our consumers like or love the product. We choose quality over quantity to ensure that we are giving it our all,” said Chabert.

With technology advancing each and every day, Chabert is on to some groundbreaking solution with utilizing resources that can decrease the amount of money spent on materials, as well as helping out the environment.

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