Remi Adeleke: Bridging Blocks Together

Vegas- The gaps of life can be so tentative and unbalanced at times if you do not have, integrity, passion, and a positive mindset about situations that you can or can not control. Author and actor Remi Adeleke has seen some highs and lows in his life but had a persistent and positive mindset to overcome the trials of adversity and make his testimony a blueprint for others. Remi wrote a book called Transformed and here is a sneak peek of his calling.

Remi’s story is unique and his story is very similar to Job’s story in the Bible. Remi comes from Nigerian Royalty and lost everything in a blink of an eye. Remi’s dad passed away when he was young and the Nigerian government took everything from Remi and his mother. His mother decided to take action and move to the United States to start a new life and make sure that her family would not be harmed.

Remi and his mother moved to New York and Remi saw another side of the world that was unfit to see at his age. His mother struggled to pay bills, so he decided to do other things in order to make money and help her out. The “fast money” was an obstacle that Remi dodged and years later he has been an inspiration for others who know what it is like to see the “fast money” and see the results on how long that money will last.

Remi did not want the streets to consume him, so in 2002 he decided to enlist in the Navy, worked endlessly, and achieved becoming a Navy Seal. At that time, the military was something that Remi was proud of. He overcame bad decisions and kept a positive mindset. In 2016, Remi decided that he wanted to retire and be with his family. Little did he know, that his blessing and calling was right around the corner.

Somebody that knew Remi called him up about auditioning for a role for the movie Transformers because they were looking for someone who had a military background for the role. Remi took a leap of faith, auditioned for the role, and got it. This role helped jumpstart Remi into writing his book Transformed. He was telling different individuals about his story and everyone kept telling him he should write a book. He decided to take everyone’s advice and decided to write the book. Having never written a book before, he read all the advice he could find on How to write a memoir so that he could bring his story to life on paper. He has since got the writing buzz and has got his readers yearning for a followup.

The book Transformed is just a piece of what Remi had to overcome in life. Reading the book will inspire you to be a better you and always remain humble in any situation.

Here is a link to purchase Transformed:

For people who want to Pre-Order the book, it will include exclusive videos and stories that the general public won’t have access to!



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