Raiders Stadium Preview Center Opens This Weekend

Scott Winter
Raiders Stadium

The Raiders Stadium Event Center at Town Square will have its grand opening on February 3rd for the public, but will open this weekend to interested fans and prospective season ticket buyers. The event center will give fans and potential personal seat licence (PSL) holders the opportunity to view a virtual stadium from any seat.This will also give them a first person view from any specific location within the virtual mock-up of the new $1.9 Billion stadium.

The center, located near the Raiders Image store,  has been open to potential luxury box suite holders for the last month. When fans walk into the preview center, it will be a walk down memory lane. There will be plenty of Raiders memorabilia, gameday gear and equipment. There will also be ample televisions bringing Raider history to life, and a giant model of the stadium itself. It will be a must visit for all fans of football, not just Raiders fans.

With final approval of the development agreement between the Raiders and the Las Vegas Stadium Authority (LVSA) expected by March 1st, and subsequent approval by the NFL Owners later that month, PSLs are expected to go on sale in April.

The Las Vegas Raiders Report will be there live to bring you the grand opening.