Raiders Hollins goes the extra mile

Mack Hollins addresses the media after a recent practice. Photo by Kirk Kern/Vegas Sports Today

Raiders wide receiver Mack Hollins, by most accounts, is a pretty funny guy. But his workout regimen isn’t something people would laugh at.

He starts by going full force through OTAs and then just as hard during post-practice weight lifting. After that, well, there’s the Mack Hollins mile.

Mack Hollins addresses the media after a recent practice. Photo by Kirk Kern/Vegas Sports Today

“I always run a mile after every workout, then some of the guys started seeing it and they started doing it,” said Hollins, who was signed by the Raiders on March 17. “At this level, every player can run a mile, no problem, after every workout. There’s no time of it. There’s no speed on it. You just have to do it, so it’s just mental.”

Raiders Hollins entering sixth season

Hollins has been in the NFL for five seasons, beginning with two season with the Eagles and the last three years with the Dolphins.

HIs philosophy on the Mack Mile is that the extra work will make him stronger as the game goes on.

“When you’re in the third, fourth quarter and I‘m hurting, I can still do a mile and I can still get a couple more plays,” he said. “That’s the mindset behind it. It will go on and off, I don’t do it every day during training camp. I’ll probably do more Mack miles than other guys.”

Others have joined in on his after-practice run, but one who definitely isn’t is head coach Josh McDaniels.

McDaniels said he appreciates the extra effort, but not to the point where he plans to join in.

“I haven’t run that yet,” McDaniels said. “I don’t know what that is. I don’t think I could make that. I’m glad he hasn’t asked me, but great personality. Big-time leader. Very unselfish.”

McDaniels isn’t the only one who noted Hollins personality. Running back Josh Jacobs called Hollins an “amazing dude” and tight end Darren Waller said Hollins is one of the top five funniest guys he’s ever met.

“I had two brothers and grew up playing a lot of sports where you just joke around a lot, and you have fun and I think it just rolls over,” he said. “I guess I’m just quick with it, I always have a response for something, and it probably gets me in trouble a good bit. Guys try to get on me and I’ll have four things back for them. 

“You just don’t want to laugh too hard because I might turn to you and you’re in it. I don’t know about top funniest, maybe they haven’t been around too a lot of funny people.”