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Las Vegas Raiders Report

Las Vegas Raiders Report

The Raiders Edge is the Las Vegas Raiders Report’s look at the gaming side of NFL football. Written by an experienced sports book writer, it’s purpose is to entertain as well as give insight for legal gaming in Nevada only.

Pinch yourself, its real. Football is back and it’s coming to Vegas. Well, not yet, actually not for probably 3 years, but Las Vegas has already seen a huge surge in Raiders sports betting action. That’s where I come in, and you, and that wonderful ticket branding sound all sports bettors yearn for. This column is dedicated to getting you the edge you need to stay a step ahead of the sports books and two steps ahead of the betting public.

This Saturday August 12th, the Raiders have their first preseason game. Yes, we are football junkies here at LV Raiders Report and nothing is off limits. The Raiders are matched up against the Arizona Cardinals, who we already have some game tape on from their Hall of Fame game against the Cowboys. That makes things slightly a little bit easier to analyze but not too much. In all honestly, preseason is the hardest thing to handicap for any sport. For the most part you have little idea who’s going to be out there. That being said, on a broader scale you can try and get a feel for how serious certain teams take the preseason depending on internal competitions and team depth.

Let’s look at these two teams. It could be said that neither coaching staff appears to take the preseason too seriously. The raiders have gone 1-3 in the last two preseasons with coach Del Rio at the helm and the Cardinals are very similar with 1-3 and 2-2 in the preseason over that same time. What is important to note however is that these two teams matched up against each other last year as both their first preseason game and the Raiders served the Cardinals a sizable 31-10 beat down in Arizona. To go along with that, the last two seasons the Raiders have won their first game of the preseason and the Cardinals have lost their first two. I see this trend continuing.

The betting line for this game is Cardinals -3 and Over/Under 39.5. Take the Raiders +3. A good portion of preseason games are close, and even though I think the Raiders will win out right, it doesn’t hurt to have a little back up with the spread. Expect to see the Raiders play few starters on offense but they have a competitive back-up quarterback battle between Connor Cook and EJ Manuel that should lead to some strong throwing. Also they have several defensive positions still to be decided so they should play multiple guys that have a chance to start on Sundays this season. As far as the Over/Under is concerned I would suggest going with the Over for all those reasons.

The Raiders next game is August 19th at home against the LA Rams. Stay tuned to Raiders EDGE for more betting scoops.

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