Raider Nation Reacts: Antonio Brown Social Media

Chris Reed
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Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

A recent Twitter barrage from new Raiders wide receiver and a former teammate has fans fired up.

This weekend’s dust-up on social media between Raiders receiver Antonio Brown and a former teammate has garnered national media attention and the love or ire of fans.

It has been a hot topic in an otherwise dull period leading up to the NFL Draft. Much of the public reaction hasn’t favored the team’s new addition and he has been repeatedly blasted because of it.

The Brown tweet that started it all.

How did the Steelers JuJu Smith-Schuster respond to the slam?

Taking a poll seemed like a good way to find out how members of Raider Nation viewed possibly the best player on the roster.

The outcome of the poll isn’t surprising, though having the 84% (Brown’s jersey number) does seem like kismet. National and local media have not pulled punches over the years when it comes to focusing on any negative aspect of the franchise over the past 20 years. As a result, Raider fans may be the most staunch supporters of any team in professional sports. Being the target of criticism is nothing new. For the most part, fans are sticking with Brown.

There was a level of concern about how this could impact his relationships with his new teammates. Even those concerns were tempered by expectations around his on-field production, which was the biggest trend in the comments.

The optics in this scenario were not great for Brown. By creating unnecessary drama off the field, Brown may cause more and more people to lose focus of his on-the-field performances. As long as Brown continues to be one of – if not the – best receiver in the NFL, Raider Nation will continue to support him.

In the end, this wouldn’t be a headline if it didn’t happen during a slow news period. Mix a slow news cycle, with a colorful player who happens to now be on the league’s most hated teams, and here we are.

If their intent was to somehow turn fans against their new receiver, their message fell on deaf ears. The Raiders were built on bringing in malcontents. Al Davis molded championship teams from talented players other teams couldn’t handle. Fans care about wins and production, as long as Brown helps with both: