Q&A: Talking with Ebanie Bridges

Mike Dixon

The bantam weight women’s boxer speaks about her career and inspiring kids

Q: Where did your love of boxing come from?

A: I’ve always been into combat sports, my parents put me into karate when I was 5, and I did that until I was 13-years-old competitively, so been big into punching, kicking, and breaking things since I was young. When I hit high school I wanted to do something more aggressive, so I got into kickboxing and Muay Thai.


But back then it was illegal for females to fight in combats sports in Australia (with some states exceptions with modified rules) like kickboxing, boxing, and Muay Thai, so I was only training not fighting. I also grew up watching [Kostya Tszyu] and obviously, because he was representing Australia and based out here.


I was a huge fan in addition to Shane Mosley, Anthony Mundine, Oscar Dela Hoya, Manny, Roy Jones Jr. etc., so I’ve  always loved it to some degree, however, due to laws here in Australia I ended up giving up combat sports for about 10 years and competing in bodybuilding and fitness shows, until I had achieved all I wanted from that and decided to return to what I loved. (Punching and breaking things aka people) boxing was more appealing at that stage for me than other combat sports.

Q: Who is your favorite athlete?

A: To be honest: I don’t have any particular favourite athlete and I admire many athletes of all sports for many reasons. Majority of top level athletes (and athletes in general) have sacrificed a lot and poured blood sweat and tears into their dreams and I admire anyone who grinds on a daily to succeed and be the best at what they do.

Q: What separates you from other boxers in your division?

A: My work ethic and heart is unmatchable, my drive – I have not one cell of quit inside me and my discipline in every aspect of my training and nutrition. In addition my killer strength from so many years of bodybuilding prior to my boxing. I don’t hit like a 118 pounder, or even close to it. Plus I scrub up pretty good at the weigh-ins and I really maintain my femininity in and outside of the ring, and which I think is something, I also want to make a point of that #PrettyGirlsFightHardToo.

Q: You’re a rising star in boxing, which promoter would be your ideal company to sign with?

A: I would love to sign with Eddie Hearn and Matchroom Boxing, I truly believe I am their taste, and I see he has interest in womens boxing, he pushes his female fights and markets them well, which is important because it’s on the rise and I want to be able to help push the market for it, and draw more people to womens boxing.

Q: Do you plan on fighting in Las Vegas in the near future?

A: I would love to fight in Las Vegas, would be a dream to fight in the MGM. I’ve been there a few times for fights and I love the energy inside the arena. Hopefully, my team can make it happen sooner rather than later.

Q: What’s your favorite all-time meal?

A: Anything my mom cooks.

Q: Outside of boxing, how do you want to inspire people?

A: I am a High school Math teacher, and I wanted to be a teacher, so I could inspire the younger generation to push themselves to be the best versions of themselves, and to never quit especially, algebra (haha) on their dreams, or themselves.

I’ve always worked hard and juggled so many things, working studying, training and I’ve been through lot in my life some really hard times and I want to set an example and show people that: “where there is a will, there is always a way.” I want people to understand and know: “you don’t need anyone else to believe in yourself, but you, as long as you believe; anything is possible, but I also want people to know I believe in them.”

Q: You are a fan favorite at weigh-ins, because of your unique style. How did you come up with wearing lingerie?

A: I have a motto, “look good, feel good.” look I am a woman and I am proud of my body, and I am confident in it being okay to be sexy. Also, it’s not like people didn’t see a women in lingerie before. They are on Victoria Secrets’ billboards. Everyone does bikinis or crops, some people don’t take any care of how they look, that ain’t me, I don’t even know why you’d wanna wear shorts and a crop, it’s heavier too [on the scales]. I’m already at a weight disadvantage because of my chest (haha), but you can all thank me later when other women start following my “trend setting.”

Q: What is your current profession?

A: I am a High School Math Teacher.

Q: When is your next fight?

A: I am aiming for April/May and hopefully in America.

Q: What do you like in a guy?

A: Good sense of humour and can have a banter, us aussies love to banter, so a witty guy always gets a tick. I like a guy who is secure within themselves and doesn’t feel the need to sell themselves to me. Someone who is: enthusiastic positive, and works hard in whatever they do. I think it is also important in this sport to have an understanding partner, especially with the time I spend in the gym and the attention I get.

Q: What’s your pump up on song?

A: I have a few, I walk out to Fugees “Ready or Not,” but I like to listen to Rage Against The Machine “Killing in the Name of.”

Q: Marvel or DC fan?

A: Marvel. All day, baby.

Q: Favorite movie?

A: White Chicks.

Q: What are your thoughts on the kid in Australia getting bullied?

A: Its sad, but the reality is it happens all around the world, kids do it, adults do it, internet is the worst. For example: If a champion boxer loses the bullying they get is out of this world. I’m happy for this kid that he has got all this money now and some recognition. But I dare say unfortunately, how the world is, he will still get bullied. Being a school teacher I see it all the time and we, well I know I do, shut it down instantly and I educate my students on the effects bullying has and that it really isn’t cool. I believe parents and us as people have an obligation to shut it down whenever we see it rather than adding to it, or ignoring it.

Q: How did you get the nickname “Blonde Bomber?”

A: Well, I am blonde (haha), and it kinda has two meanings, my coach is Arnel “Bomber” Barotillo, and our amateur boxing team was named “Barotillo Bombers” we are all known for being tough fighters that have heavy hands. And as an amateur I lived up to the “Barotillio Bomber” name and I stopped 7 of my first 10 fights early, and continued through my amateur career to finish a lot of fights early, so everyone just started calling me the Blonde Bomber, and it just stuck.

Q: At the end of the day, what do you want your legacy to be?

A: I want to be the girl who really puts Australian womens boxing on the map, I want to be the face of womens boxing in Australia, and one of the main faces of womens boxing in the world. I want to be remembered as a humble entertaining fighter (in and outside of the ring) who loves a war and never backs down or quits. Someone who will inspire the next generation. And hey, maybe the fighter who started the lingerie weigh-in. #WatchThemFollow |#PrettyGirlsFightHardToo

I want to show recognition to my Coach Arnel for always believing in me from day one, my main sponsors Bare Naked Bowls Bronte, Stealth Security Group, Epic Air, Bean Everywhere, and Spinal and Sports Care my boxing wouldn’t be possible without their support.