Premier League To Begin Small Group Training Sessions

VSD Staff

The English Premier League has taken a crucial step towards the resumption of the 2019-2020 campaign.


Monday morning saw representatives from each of the 20 Premier League teams vote in favor of beginning small group training sessions starting in the afternoon of May 20th. This comes as very positive and inspiring news for soccer fans around the world since the Bundesliga, a league that returned to action this past weekend, had it’s preliminary training sessions begin a couple of weeks before their resumption.


However, not everything is dandy across the pond.


Premier League executives are yet to agree on a return date for play. There have been disagreements over what venues will be used, how games will be spaced out within a given week, and even how the relegation situation will be dealt with if the league doesn’t continue. 


Although training will return, there is no guarantee that Premier League executives we’ll come to a consensus on how to resume the league. There is growing speculation that the resumption of the world’s most popular soccer league is bound to happen in mid June, but that is mere hearsay. The only thing Premier League fans can do now is check out coverage of these training sessions via photos and videos from journalists on social media.