Podcast #32: MLK Day Special – Oakland Raiders & Diversity

J Burroughs
Martin Luther King Jr. Oakland Raiders Las Vegas Raiders Report

On this day we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we explore the impact of his work, and the beliefs of Al Davis, on the Oakland Raiders organization.

Al Davis was a man driven to succeed and win at the highest levels of the National Football League. He was an owner that never saw color or gender. He was a man who wanted the best no matter what color or creed you subscribed to. Al Davis didn’t believe in segregation or racism because he judged people by their skills, talent, and desire to be the best.

As the country pauses today to remember the great civil rights leader – and American hero – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the Las Vegas Raiders Report Podcast takes time to discuss the legacy of Dr. King on our society and how it relates to how Al Davis ran the AFL and later the Oakland Raiders. This includes drafting the league’s first African-American quarterback, first Latino quarterback, hiring the first Latino head coach in Tom Flores, and finally, hiring the first black coach of the modern era in Art Shell.

Las Vegas Raiders Report partners Scott Gulbransen and Scott Winter discuss all of this in our newest podcast.

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