Pete Carroll not much of a fan for increased instant replay

Seattle, WA- The NFL committee has been getting a lot of heat with increasing instant replay after many coaches companied that penalties were not called on defenseless players or plays that altered the game.

However, Seattle Seahawks’ head coach Pete Caroll has never been a fan of increasing instant replay. He feels like it stops the rhythm and flow of the game.”Get rid of or at least decrease the use of instant replay,” Carroll said. “I get all the reasons why we have instant replay, and technology has opened up a new world for us to get to this point. But I miss the human element of trusting the officials to make the calls in the moment and then the rest of us have to live with what they called. It was both fun and frustrating, but I really liked the game better when the officials were just as much a part of the game as the players.”

The game has changed from trusting the refs in tight sceneries; the world has seen that the refs can be a little excessive with calling a penalty on a player or not calling one when it matters. There have been refs that missed calls like the Dez Byant catch against the Green Bay Packers that was not considered a catch or the pass interference in last year’s NFC Championship where the Saints lost to the Rams in overtime.

With the advancement in technology, as well as how fast players have become, the instant replay topic has been one of the subjects that have been portrayed as either a hero or a villain. Some coaches like the idea of having instant replay to get the calls right on the field, but others feel like technology is hindering the flow of the game altogether.


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